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The managing director and editor of this Online-Dental-Dictionary/Compendium, Richard Giles, is a native speaker of English who lives in Germany. He has over 12 years practical experience as a dental technician and has been working as a specialist translator (German - English) for dentistry and dental technology for more than 25 years. During his time as manager and translator with Reule-Giles Dental-Service he started compiling a German/English dictionary of dental medicine/technology for himself and other employees. By 2001, several thousand terms had been collected and he decided to make this invaluable information available to other dental professionals by founding "dental-dictionary.com".

The content of the dictionary has now grown to more than 17500 entries and the Online-Dental-Compendium with over 4000 definitions has been added. In the meantime Richard Giles is managing director of LinguaDent – Dental Translations and, together with his German and British translators, who are also all dental professionals, continues to expand and enhance the Online-Dental-Dictionary/Compendium.

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Richard Giles

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Prof. Dr. Markus Balkenhol

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