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The products that are showcased in the Luting Guide are all of GC's cementation materials, from Fuji I up the latest addition to GC's range of luting materials the composite based G-CEM LinkForce. The navigation is made extremely easy: selection of type of restoration, type of substrate etc. can be done from the home screen. After completing all parameters you will get the recommendations for products that can be used for the case. From there you will go to the treatment steps that are clearly explained by means of high definition 3D images.

Not only can these configurators be used as a treatment planning tool, it can also enhance patient communication as dentists can demonstrate how the procedure of the cementation will go.






Discover the new GC Restorative Dentistry Guides. The interactive guides to learn how to use GC composites and bonding agents.

The GC Restorative Dentistry Guides app is a useful tool to have on your clinic and also a valuable tool for communication with patients.




Discover the ultimate digital tool for dental technicians: GC Initial Layering Guides. The interactive guides to learn how to use GC ceramic:

  • Initial MC.
  • Initial LF.
  • Initial Ti.
  • Initial AL.
  • Initial Zr-FS.
  • Initial IQ layering over metal.
  • Initial IQ layering over zircon.

Awesome features include:

  • 360º Step-by-step illustration of layering techniques.
  • 2 layer, 3 layer & 4 layer techniques.
  • IQ layering technique with Lustre Pastes application guide.
  • VITA® Classical and VITA® 3D Master shade guides supported.
  • Precious/non-precious alloy selection, white zircon/colored zircon selection. Other frameworks include titanium and alumina.
  • Complete firing guide for all systems, including the possibility for single firing or separate dentin firing setup.

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